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Usability and accessibility, Ergonomics & User-centered design 

Focus on:

Metrics company mission focuses on usability, accessibility and ergonomics of interaction between man and computer, with particular attention to systems for  e-Learning, e-Government, e-Inclusion and services to the citizen. Metrics provides solutions and services as well as consulting, research and training in the following areas:

  • Usability and Accessibility in Human-Computer interaction and Digital Media, Ergonomics of User Interfaces, Human-centered communications with special attention to Virtual Environments, open distance learning (e-Learning) systems, Domotics and e-Government solutions (online services for citizens). Usability and Accessibility evaluation and assessment, ICT and ageing and Accessible and Inclusive ICT

  • Computer Based Training (long-distance learning, educational multimedia, Internet based on-line courses), Lifelong Learning. CBT pedagogical and cognitive-psychological issues.

  • Cognitive ergonomics of ICT artifacts and interfaces (interactive pods, portable devices, web-based solutions, input/output devices, hypermedia virtual environments) -Design for All

  • Ease-of-Use of ICT systems and solutions (user-centered, intuitive communications)

Metrics has signed contracts  with the European Commission in Bruxelles for expert evaluation of R&D projects in the field of Telematics and Educational Multimedia.

Metrics is active in research and training activities within the framework of ICT-PSP, IST and Leonardo da Vinci-II EU funded programmes.

Metrics co-operates with University of Bologna (dept. of Educational Sciences and Faculty of Psychology) and the University of Technology of Belfort-Montbeliard (UTMB) in France  in the framework of an ambitious project about Cognitive ergonomics funded by the European Commission under the Leonardo da Vinci community program for Vocational training. The partners in the project are acting as an Excellence Network and a best practice reference in the field of ICT Usability, Accessibility and Ergonomics.


World Usability Day
was founded to ensure that the services and products
important to life are easier to access and simpler to use. Read more...

addressing the needs of the ageing population

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