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Accessibility and Usability Engineering for e-Government and e-Participation

Public bodies, administrations, municipalities are getting more and more aware of the importance of usability and accessibility of their communications.
More and more usability of a website is considered by users as a tangible sign of efficiency and trustability of a public service.

"The ICT solutions should enable a wider group of people to voice their opinions, provide input and get involved in politics. All projects will contribute to improving the usability of web- based and other ICT tools in the field. Accessibility, multi- lingual and multi- cultural issues need to be taken into account as well as adapting the tool to be used by people who may have only limited knowledge of the subject area and low level IT skills" (Thanassis Chrissafis, eParticipationWork Programme 2009).

Why is usability crucial for e-Government?
As e-government websites are the gateways for the public to access information and services provided by the government in the information age, the e-government websites have to be easy for all citizens to use, including those with disabilities, and therefore, universal accessibility is a crucial issue in their design
(H.T. Ma, P.Zaphiris).


Metrics provides consulting, training and research services about accessibility, usability ed ergonomics in human-computer interaction, with special attention to e-Government solutions.
- Training courses and seminars, including on-site staff training
- User-centered design
- Expert Usability and accessibility evaluation




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