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Metrics R&D division actively promotes international co-operation within the framework of European Commission programmes (IST, TEN-Telecom, EUMEDIS and Leonardo da Vinci II).

We have already succesfully participated in a number of European funded projects, we are currently developing EU funded research on usability and accessibility of e-learning interfaces and on-line public information systems. 

Metrics has also signed contracts with the European Commission in Bruxelles for expert evaluation of R&D projects in the fields of e-Government, IST,  Telecommunications and Educational Multimedia.

Metrics is currently researching innovative solutions and methodologies in the field of e-Learning and e-Government, addressing hot issues such as e-Inclusion, multilingual and multicultural approaches, e-Democracy. 

Searching for a partner?
Our customers include public administrations as well as small to large private business companies. If you are about to submit a project proposal and are looking to professional complementary skills to strenghten your consortium and enhance probability of successful evaluation, do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience: see
Metrics collaboration details here

EU funded projects Metrics is partner in:

Entrepreneurial Spirit
Promoting Entrepreneurial Spirit in Europe
under Leonardo da Vinci Community vocational training programme 

setting guidelines for Usability and Cognitive Ergonomics in eLearning

Sofe- IDEA - School of Entrepreneurs
Integrated Development of Entrepreneurial Achievers
Developing and accrediting Entrepreneurial Skills


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