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Metrics in co-operation with SPSS Italia has been delivering Business and  Vocational Training courses since 1994.

Metrics is an accredited provider for Training Courses and services under the Medical Continuing Education (ECM) program of the Italian Health Ministry.

Training division features Seminars, On-site courses, fixed-date courses.

Training Course on Cognitive Ergonomics 

(October 2007) - A training course focused on human-centered design took place at the "Cittadella della Ricerca" in Brindisi. The course -held by Metrics srl- was targeted to the design staff of CETMA. The Course is split in two complementary modules. The content of the first module is  focusing on Usability, Accessibility and Ergonomics of industrial products and ICT user interfaces. A second module addresses the challenging issue of User Centered Design, where co-operation of ergonomists, psycologists and engineers is considered a key success factor.


Courses and seminars on 
Human Centered Communication

An ever incresing attention is focused on corporate and personal image, and communication effectiveness is a most valuable asset in today's business and personal life.

Course/Seminar n.1
Communicating thru Internet
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target: marketing & commercial

  • Internet: a revolutionary ‘medium’
  • Cognitive fundamentals on multimedia communications
  • The flexible writing: hypertexts
  • Effective communication in web sites
  • Use of graphics: the right balance 
  • Visibility: introduction to Web-marketing
  • Use of Electronic mail & mailing-list

Course/Seminar n.2
Corporate & business communication 
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mandatory to human resource managers, trade directors, CEOs and managing directors

  • On the spot: the message
  • Corporate image
  • Living in business environments: the Feng-Shui approach
  • From visiting cards to Company presentation
  • Organising and managing meetings
  • Advertisement
  • Exibitions, fairs, events
  • Corporate image on the Internet – who's involved?

Course/Seminar n.3
Personal communication
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Speciallly addressed to all key persons (managers, directors, CEOs) that simply cant'afford to fail in communicating effectively

  • Your voice: something that needs training
  • Speak and persuade 
  • All that shines in not gold ..but appears to be!
  • Fundamentals of body language and non-verbal communication 
  • Clarity: syntactical and semantic aspects
  • Empathetic and emotional communication
  • NLP: neuro-linguistic-programming
  • Public speeches 


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